Communications and News Intern – USF Patel College of Global Sustainability (paid)

Apply by Monday, May 21

20 hours/week; $15 an hour

Job Duties & Responsibilities

Social Media:

-Update and maintain PCGS’s social media presence, including scheduling Facebook

-Create quality and attention-grabbing posts that will benefit PCGS students, community partners and potential donors

-Respond to all comments, messages and inquiries on media channels

-Create fliers, videos and interactive tools to help boost engagement

-Purchase posts, while managing the budget



-Assist in planning, writing and managing monthly newsletter

-Draft at least four news articles a month

-Delegate news stories to other team members

-Seek out interesting news stories relating to the college that interests the general public

-Draft, distribute and pitch news releases, media alerts and other stories

-Upload news stories to USF PCGS website



-Set up and break down PCGS hosted events

-Design fliers, graphics, e-vites and other marketing material for major events hosted by PCGS

-Organize and attend monthly marketing committee meeting, including preparing agenda and taking minutes

-Reach out to the community organizations, general public and donors with the message about PCGS

-Collaborate with staff on new ideas, directions and venues for marketing and communications


Student Development:

-Research jobs for potential graduate/graduated students in the student development program

-Send out various job opportunities, certifications, workshops and conferences to help the students enhance their resumes


Position Qualifications:

-Firm grasp of available tools and platforms in the social media space

-Completed or working toward a college degree, preferably in a related field (e.g., English, Marketing/Communications, Advertising, Journalism or Public Relations)

-Previous internship or related experience in marketing or communications is a plus

-Must be computer literate (working knowledge of word processing, PowerPoint, Excel)

-Proficiency in Adobe InDesign and Photoshop highly desired. Knowledge of HTML and graphic design a plus

-Be an effective communicator, both written and oral

-Ability to communicate in a professional manner with press and community contacts

-Be self-motivated, possess good organizational skills, be detail-oriented, have the ability to prioritize, and be able to multitask and meet deadlines


Note: Other duties may been assigned as needed. Applicant may be required to work occasional evenings.

This position required a Level 1 criminal background check.

Send your resume and cover letter to Kelly Gaskell, assistant director of Patel College of Global Sustainability:









USF Health Pharmacy needs a communications intern

Internship Description
This internship program was created for students to enrich their learning experiences, and provide hands-on advertising, public relations, and mass communications experience at Pharmacy Plus located at Carol and Frank Morsani Center for Advanced Health Care. During this collaborative learning opportunity, students will reach
higher professional goals in their academic and professional career.
The primary emphasis for this internship is social media development for Pharmacy Plus. Students will be expected to create feasible, workable business ideas, products, or programs that will help to enhance the reputation of Pharmacy Plus. Students will be responsible for working with Dr. Mariam Gendi, Pharmacy Plus Manager, and Dr. Janelle Applequist, internship supervisor, to create, disseminate, and maintain professional
communication consistent with the goal of increasing the presence of Pharmacy Plus.

Some examples of internship tasks may include: using new media design programs to create updated and impactful signage and advertising, running a social media campaign, coordinating and executing community outreach events, conducting surveys and data analysis to help improve patient experiences, and more.
Interns will be expected to propose and implement ideas that are innovative, creative, and that have a far-reaching impact. Students will work closely in a team of interns, with a maximum of two students interning during a given semester.
A. Proficiency in social media, marketing, graphic design and communication
B. Proficiency or able to quickly learn medical terms
C. Wearable technology awareness (e.g. FitBit)
D. App technology usage
E. Ability to learn pharmacy business and workflow
F. Ability to learn how insurance works (so they are able to explain employee perks)
About Pharmacy Plus
Pharmacy Plus is an affiliate of the University of South Florida College Of Pharmacy which opened for business in February 2015. The pharmacy was designed to be exemplify pharmacies of the future and serves as an
innovative training site for student pharmacists.
With its unique location within the USF Health Morsani Center for Advanced Healthcare, Pharmacy Plus is available to serve patients seen in the clinics, USF staff, students, and employees, or any patient that has no affiliation with USF but is interested in utilizing the pharmacy’s innovative services.
Pharmacy has changed exponentially over the past decade. The primary focus is no longer filling prescriptions, but instead catering to the needs of each individual patient including comprehensive patient education and pharmacogenomic testing. Pharmacy Plus was created to model the pharmacy of the future now.
With the many innovative tools and telehealth services offered at Pharmacy Plus, integrating these practices can help bridge the gap between pharmacists and physicians to provide better healthcare for patients.
Student Expectations
Each student is responsible for ensuring successful completion of the internship by emphasizing the following –
students should:
A. Be present at the practice site a minimum of 20 hours per week (if receiving 3 credits for the internship).
For each credit hour received, the student must complete 100 hours of work for the semester for
Pharmacy Plus. Internships can be negotiated to fulfill 1-3 credit hours.
B. Be responsible for reviewing and completing all onboarding requirements prior to the start of the
internship program. The student should complete all prerequisites and training specific to the internship
including immunizations, background checks, HIPPA/OSHA training, and any additional requirements
requested by the program.
C. Behave professionally and respectfully at all times.
D. Fully engage in the experience provided by the internship program. Express willingness and enthusiasm
for learning.
E. Provide consistent and punctual attendance.
F. Follow all confidentiality laws and requirements.
G. Submit all assignments on time as instructed by the Pharmacy Manager.
H. Always have courteous, respectful and non-judgmental communication with staff, patients, and students.
A. General appearance
a. Hair (including facial hair) must be neatly trimmed, and neatly maintained.
b. All visible tattoos must be covered. All visible body piercings (other than in the ears) shall not be
worn during internship hours. Jewelry shall be conservative/moderate style, and not excessive.
Headgear or other accessories worn for religious or medical purposes are permissible.
c. Good hygiene must be maintained, and avoid strong colognes/perfumes/offensive body odor.
B. Clothing and shoes
a. Clothing should be neat, and moderate in style.
b. Female students must wear either skirts, dresses, or dress slacks with appropriate hosiery and
close-toed shoes. Skirt lengths must be of a conservative nature.
c. Male students must wear dress slacks, collared shirts, ties, socks, and appropriate shoes.
d. Unacceptable dress includes, but is not limited to:
i. Shorts, mini-skirts, capris, shorts, leggings, t-shirts, sweatpants or jogging suits,
ii. Jeans, or any denim material.
iii. Halter tops, tank tops (unless worn under a jacket), midriff tops, thermal/flannel shirts.
iv. Tight fitting attire.
v. Any clothing that exposes cleavage, bras, or briefs/underwear.
vi. Flip-flops, tennis shoes, sandals, open-toed shoes.
e. Students will not be allowed to participate in the internship program hours if not dressed appropriately.
Patient Confidentiality
Out of respect for patients and in compliance with the Health Information Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), all students will respect confidences revealed during their time at the internship program. Patient names, date of birth, and other patient identifiers shall not be discussed or used outside any patient encounters.
The USF HIPPA Compliance Module must be completed before participation in the internship program.

To apply, contact Dr. Applequist at

Greens and Gold Fresh Market needs communications intern

Greens and Gold Fresh Market Internship

Communication/Marketing/Public Relations Intern


  • Organizing activities for your friends?
  • Connecting different groups of people?
  • Big-picture thinking and checking things off a list?
  • Shopping at outdoor markets?
  • Sharing interesting things with others?


We’re looking for an intern to help us promote, sustain, organize and plan our weekly Fresh Market for the Spring 2018 semester. This internship is great experience for any student interested in Public Relations and event planning.

The Greens and Gold Fresh Market is a weekly, open-air market with 30 local Tampa vendors. Our mission promotes overall well-being by encouraging social connectedness; increasing access to healthy produce and products; providing educational activities and programs; and connecting the campus community to health and wellness resources on campus.

Internship Responsibilities:

  • Supervisor for student volunteers (morning & afternoon shift)
    • Set up volunteer schedule/shifts and responsibilities
      • Vendor logistics (parking, check-in)
      • Morning vendor Unloading
      • Afternoon vendor breakdown (loading, parking, check-out)
    • Work with marketing staff and public health intern on the Spring Communication plan (marketing plan)
      • Timeline, messaging, themes
    • Marketing Dissemination plan
    • Assist Laurie with Market Logistics
      • Parking requests, communication with stakeholders etc.


  • Able to work independently and collaboratively
  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • Social media skills such as Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram for communication and promotion of market
Send cover letter and resume to:
Christine Haywood, MA
Marketing Manager
Health and Wellness/Center for Student Well-Being
University of South Florida
4202 E Fowler Ave, SVC 2129 G
Tampa, FL 33620

Z School needs interns in social media, digital multimedia and digital design


Deadline: December 12

Social Media Marketing Intern

The primary duties of the Social Media Marketing Intern include managing and posting to the Zimmerman School’s social media on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, as well as those of our colleague departments in the School of Social Sciences. Responsibilities include creating/updating the School’s social media marketing plan; weekly social media content calendars; writing posts; gathering multimedia; compiling monthly analytics, and other duties as needed. Candidates must have strong writing skills and present examples of both longer-form media writing and social media use. Candidates must not have inappropriate personal social media accounts.

Digital Multimedia Intern

The primary task of the Digital Multimedia Intern is to capture permanent visual representations of events and activities hosted by the Zimmerman School and the School of Social Sciences. This involves creating photographs and video, using the School’s equipment, and using photo and video editing software. This intern must know (at a minimum) basic operation of video cameras and DSLRs, as well as software including Adobe Photoshop, Premiere Pro and After Effects. Candidates for this position must present a compilation reel of published work.

Digital Design Intern

The primary task of the Digital Design Intern is to create content for print and online that markets the Zimmerman School and the broader School of Social Sciences. This involves creating banners, posters, brochures and other marketing materials using the School’s software and computer equipment. This intern must be experienced with design-related software, including Adobe Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator. Candidates for this position must present a portfolio of class work or published designs. The successful candidate either has extensive experience in high school yearbook or has taken Design and Production class in the Zimmerman School.


All positions require:

  • Strong storytelling skills.
  • Attention to detail.
  • A desire to tell the story of all things going on at the Zimmerman School, across all of the major sequences in PR, advertising and digital media.
  • A self-starter, someone who works proactively.
  • Flexible school and personal schedules in order to document and market Zimmerman School events and accomplishments.
  • An ability to work with various faculty to find out information for marketing content.


Apply by sending a cover letter and resume by Dec. 12, plus links to clips or portfolio/reel, to:

Wayne Garcia, Director Zimmerman School of Advertising and Mass Communications,

ZSAMC Spring 2018 Internal Internships

Muma College of Business seeks spring interns


                                                                                                                                                              The USF Muma College of Business Dean’s Office is seeking interns for the spring 2018 semester.  With registration around the corner, now is the time to apply as we prefer students earn course credit through the Zimmerman School of Advertising & Mass Communications.

We may be biased, but we think this is one of the best internship experiences for PR, journalism or advertising students.

  • You will be part of a team but you will direct yourself when it comes to your parts of a project.
  • You will get to put skills you have now into play while you learn new ones – such as how to send email blasts, how to pull and decipher metrics used to evaluate PR efforts, and how to implement special events.
  • You will be able to contribute ideas while working on some established projects that prior interns have already launched and made successful (so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel).



The communications interns work in the USF Muma College of Business Dean’s Office, serving as a regular team member for the 3.5-person staff who handle the business school’s newsletter, special events, marketing, and public relations projects – along with a million other things.


Interns typically work a minimum of 10 hours per week (24 hours per week for those seeking three credit hours – which we prefer!).  Work hours vary but are typically during the 8:45 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. time frame, though some projects can be done at the intern’s home, after hours, on the sofa, while watching The Walking Dead.


Specific projects are assigned once the full internship team has been brought on board each semester.  For the spring semester, our busiest semester, we would ideally have 1-2 marketing students and 1-2 mass communications majors join us.  Because we now have a video wall in the college, it would be terrific to have at least one telecommunications student on the team, too.


Some examples of projects that the spring interns handle:

  • Help plan an event featuring a nationally known speaker as we kick off the Thought Leaders Series. Tasks will range from clerical (we all stuff nametags) to bigger picture (how to promote the event on social media to day-of-event tasks (yes, interns will staff the check in table, help set up, and help clean up after the event).  Interns may assist with the creation of supplemental materials (handouts, imagery for event signage, scripting).  All will be done under the supervision of college staff.
  • Create a promotional campaign for the 25 Under 25 program targeting current USF business majors – and implementing the campaign in order to get a minimum of 125 applications. This means interns will make presentations to fraternities and sororities on the weekend, visit larger classes to promote the program, etc.  Interns will create flyers, post banners, send out email blasts – and do whatever other ideas are included on the intern-created promotional plan.
  • Plan and implement the recognition event for the 25 Under 25 program, which is typically held at Busch Gardens. Interns help write the script and completely handle set up and most of the logistics for the special event.
  • Once the 25 honorees for the 25 Under 25 campaign have been selected, write at least seven of the 25 bios for the students and schedule photo shoots, video shoots, etc. Interns help with a social media campaign to garner votes for the “most remarkable” honoree, aiming for 30,000+ pageviews for the profiles (the most important part of the project).  Interns update display cases to showcase the newly selected honorees.
  • Reach out to prior honorees to update the “where are they now” pages and, using InDesign, produce the 25 Under 25 booklets. This means making a LOT of phone calls and sending out lots of emails.
  • We have a video wall in the college now; interns with experience producing videos will have an opportunity to contribute content and help manage the wall. This would be a terrific opportunity for telecommunications students!
  • There are several smaller special events that interns will help with: an open house for the Bulls Business Community to help recruit top performing high schoolers (interns help with the direct mail and email efforts, as well as the actual event).  Other events might include the Intercollegiate Case Competition or graduation receptions.
  • Write at least three stories for the college’s general newsletter and/or the website.
  • Other duties as assigned, likely “one-off” projects where intern will handle HTML email blasts, design/distribute event invitations, help plan Executive Advisory Council meetings, or help proofread scripts and printed collaterals for lots of events.


This is an unpaid internship but that doesn’t mean you walk away empty-handed.  We guarantee that our interns leave with valuable new skills that will help them land a job.


Because we are located in the Dean’s Office, students selected for this opportunity have many opportunities to build their network and to meet influential business and community leaders.


Other bonuses: attire is (most days) business casual (no jeans, no shorts).  The office is near the Dean’s Office kitchen, where all the leftover food from lunch meetings seems to head – meaning interns frequently enjoy free lunch! Few internships will work around your class schedule more than this one will.  You won’t have to worry about driving downtown or paying for parking because we are located on campus, in BSN 201.




We want interns who like being part of a team.  We prefer interns who are juniors or seniors (but will consider sophomores who are go-getters!).  We like interns who have a sense of humor (but know when it is time to be serious and just get the work done). Our favorite interns have been those who asked for direction on a project and then did it – coming back to ask questions or to clarify things but not waiting to be told exactly what to do and when.


We are not micromanagers.  Our office is noisy and is often crowded.  Our “to do” list never ends.  We share this because we believe that our interns should know a few things coming in:


  • If you like a quiet, orderly workspace, this might not be the internship for you.
  • If you always tackle Step A, then Step B, and would never-ever move on to Step C while you are waiting for elements needed to finish the first two parts, then this internship is probably not for you.
  • If you want someone to tell you exactly what to do when you arrive in the morning and to have your tasks for the day all lined up before you arrive, then you probably would not enjoy this opportunity.


However, if you relish being able to take big chunks of a project and make it your own, then this this might be the perfect internship for you.  If you like contributing ideas that might make a project more successful (or run more smoothly), then this could be a great fit.  If you are comfortable multi-tasking but you know when you have to plow through dreaded chores because the deadline is looming, this could be the internship you dream about landing.  If you like to write (and know that editors make your writing better) then this is the internship for you!


To apply:  send a well-written cover letter and résumé to Lorie Briggs,

Applications will be accepted until December 1 for internships that begin in January.

Applying early is to your advantage:  candidates who apply early will be interviewed early (meaning the slots could be full if you wait until December to apply).



USF Undergraduate Studies and Enrollment Planning is seeking a marketing intern

 Undergraduate Studies and Enrollment Planning and Management needs a marketing intern.
Primary duties:
  • project management for creation of brochures, flyers, social media graphics, etc.  
  • taking the order from the client and submitting the project to the graphic designer
  • giving marketing advice if needed
  • reviewing design work to make sure work was completed according to client’s request and submitting it back to the client 
The student would be working with Asana project management software and it would include a lot of file management.
For more information, contact:
Cheryl Anderson
Communications & Marketing Officer
Student Affairs and Student Success