BullsVision seeks interns

BullsVision is looking for driven interns looking to get their start in the sports media world. An internship with us is one of the best ways to learn how to shoot, edit and produce sports content and live events.


The experience you’ll get from your time with us will set you up to be ahead in any broadcast or creative video courses you may take and more importantly, give you the skills you need to succeed upon graduation.


Here’s a brief FAQ on our department:



What is BullsVision?


We are the video production team of USF Athletics located in the Lee Roy Selmon Athletic Center.


What do you do? 


  • Produce all USF live sporting events in several on-campus sports venues and in Raymond James Stadium. We shoot the event with in-house cameras that are wired for videoboards.
  • In addition to USF live-events, we shoot with our own state-of-the-art cameras for creative content.
  • Create a wide-ranging amount of video content about our teams made for social media. This can range from hype pieces for many programs, workout videos, feature-length stories, game day recaps and more.


What do you use to edit?


All of our content is made using the Adobe suite installed on different workstations in our office.


What do you shoot with?


We’ve recently bought a lot of fun gear. On game days, our creative cameras can be a Sony FS7, Sony FS5, Sony A7SiiA7iii, and we also have two Canon EOS 6Ds with a wide range of lenses for all of our cameras. We have many great accessories to accompany these cameras such as two Ronin-S stabilizers.


I don’t know how to shoot or edit, can I still become an intern? 


YES. Learning is what an internship is about, right? We’ll teach you the fundamentals of editing and shooting and with enough repetition, you’ll become a veteran.


What would my workload be as an intern?


We work with your class and work schedule to be flexible and ensure you’re not overloaded with events but enough to see you on a regular basis. The most important thing to know is there are plenty of weekend games over the course of a semester. Sports is a ton of fun to work but it’s not a 9 to 5 job! While we can be very flexible with scheduling, reliability and dependability are things we really value, so we can plan knowing you’ll be somewhere when scheduled.


Can I do on-camera work? 


We focus on the production side of sports, not the on-air side. However, we are happy to provide editorial and technical feedback on any on-air work you create on your time.


Do I need to know about sports?


No, but it’s encouraged that you come in with some knowledge if possible.


Can I do this for credit?


Yes, we accept 1, 2, or 3-credit internships with mandatory hours depending on how many credits you choose. Speak to Wendy Whitt for more information about the deadline to submit a form for credit.


Darn, I’m reading this after the start of a semester and can’t do it for credit. Am I out of luck?


No! We accept volunteers at any point in the semester and encourage you to drop by to get your feet wet.


Can I do this for only one semester?


No, we highly encourage you to return semester over semester, either as a volunteer or for credit. It helps build a rapport between you and our team, we trust you with our gear, assign you bigger projects and above all, you get much better at the craft.


OK, this FAQ was decent but I have some follow up questions. Whom do I contact?


Don’t hesitate to reach out to Kody Hilburn at khilburn@usf.edu and he’ll answer as many questions as you have.


This sounds great and all but what do you guys really do?


Here’s a short 30 second video to visualize what to expect as an intern for us… LINK: https://youtu.be/mco-GD33x9I




Kody Hilburn

Video Production Coordinator, USF Athletics

C: (352) 556-7536 // E: khilburn@usf.edu


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