ProSun seeks interns

ProSun International is a family owned business located in St. Petersburg, Florida, specializing in the manufacturing of tanning, massage and wellness equipment. ProSun is offering internship opportunities in the areas listed below in order to help develop our Salon Support Program for customers across the United States. In this position you will be working with customers mostly in the tanning and beauty industry, and providing them with the tools necessary to grow their business. The Salon Support Program is intended for customers that do not have the time and/or skills to implement the marketing strategies needed to be successful in their market. From these internship opportunities you will gain experience working with customers, have an on-site office to work out of and gain guidance from our current marketing department. ProSun is looking to add 1-2 Interns within the next 2 weeks.

ProSun’s Salon Support Program (SSP)


ProSun’s SSP will develop a website for salon/spa clients that will be customized to their company and provide potential clients with all the information they need for their business. Our website Support will provide them with domain registration, customized emails and a contact form that allows clients to reach out to them.

Sample Template Site to be built:
Initial Package:  Single page website with images of the salon/spa with hours of operation, logos and the ability to contact the salon/spa. Theme colors will represent overall feel of the spa/salon.
This website will be built upon the WordPress platform – WordPress familiarity is a plus.

Advanced Packages: 4 Page website. Independent pages include Home, About, Pricing, Contact. This website will also be built upon the WordPress platform.

Familiarity with HTML(5) & CSS(3) a plus
Familiarity with SEO / Optimization practices a plus
Should have an understanding of design principals and color theory. Familiarity with the Adobe Creative Suite is strongly recommended.

ProSun’s SSP will help set up salon/spa clients Facebook page, allowing them to stay active in the current social media market. Our company will provide them with posts for the month that they can easily share across their social media networks.

We will be helping salons/spas set-up Facebook for business. From there we will be creating a specified number of unique posts to be scheduled monthly.

Willingness to learn about Facebook for business, scheduling and Facebook Advertising is encouraged.
Knowledge of Facebook Pixel  and Tracking a plus



Prosun’s SSP will provide Google campaigns that have been proven to drive more customers to the salon and spas while also driving more web traffic to the website and Facebook Page.

You will be helping in the keyword research, creative and analytical parts of the Google Ads process. You will further help analyze campaign performance and report on these results.
AdWords and CRM Data Integration knowledge a plus



ProSun’s SSP will provide marketing materials that customers can display in their salon/spa to help customers understand the spa or salons tanning process and equipment.

Additional marketing materials to be created include posters, banners, monthly flyers, t-shirts, towels, tumblers, and other merchandise.

Should have an understanding of design principals and color theory. Familiarity with the Adobe Creative Suite is strongly recommended.

ProSun’s SSP will help reach out to spa/salon customers through surveys giving them invaluable insight on how to improve their salon in the eyes of the customer. All data will be put in easy to read reports that will allow salon/spa to continually improve their business and keep customers happy.

Surveys will need to be researched and tailored for delivery to specific customers based on the salons themselves and the equipment in which they are utilizing.

Familiarity or willingness to learn about Survey Monkey, Constant Contact, and MailChimp a plus.

Knowledge of best practices for digitals surveys and email campaigns a plus.

Send resume and cover letter to Jennifer Henkemans, COO, at




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