Prime Protection seeks PR intern for fall – stipend paid upon completion

Prime Protection is looking for a motivated PR intern that wants to mix PR and social media.  We enjoy a relaxed atmosphere at the office but are very serious about accomplishing the goal of growing the company and giving back to the community.  We are open to hiring someone with a lot of creative ideas that wants to express themselves in a business culture that allows creativity.  The candidate will learn on the job and be responsible for finding and indexing press contacts in the media arena including radio, print, social and tv.  Social media will be a big part of what the candidate will be doing, including posting, joining groups, being involved and creating relationships via direct messaging in those groups to name a few.    
Any cause that we donate time or money to will be drawn up as a press release and distributed to the appropriate channels.  Candidate will be responsible for having Prime Protection team up with local schools, charities, church, police, fire and sports organizations to offer both our services and fundraising.   There will be press release’s and copy needed for our website, social media and some articles for web distribution.  The office is located by USF and if candidate completes the hours to satisfaction, there may be an opportunity to join our team permanently.  
Hours/Week:  Approximately 15+ 
150 hours minimum
$500 Stipend upon completion of Internship
Prime Protection LLC was started to change the face of the Home Security Industry by integrating security with home automation and camera’s.  
We operate on the Golden Rule standard, “Do unto others, as you would want done unto you”. 
We are known as the ADT guys to the Realtors. This is because we are trusted to take great care of Realtors clients in this market.  
We partnered with ADT Security as they are the best at what they do, monitoring. 
Their facility is state of the art, customer service is unmatched and no other monitoring company is Department of Defense approved. 
They are trusted with monitoring the White House which lets you know, there is no other choice when it comes to protecting your home.
Karen LaFrance
Prime Protection
14460 Bruce B Downs Blvd
Tampa, FL 33613 

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