USF Writing Studio seeks intern

Job Description:

Under the supervision of the Assistant Director and Studio Coordinators, this hands-on position will be responsible for assisting across multiple projects and objectives for the University of South Florida’s Writing Studio. Our forward-thinking university writing center is looking to hire an intern with strong knowledge and understanding of the digital media landscape and creating digital, visual, and new media content and design. The intern hired for this position will need strong critical thinking skills and inquiry-based approaches in order to integrate into our vibrant team and community. It’s essential that applicants to this position have excellent communication skills, demonstrate creativity, and understand the importance of attending to even the smallest details.

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:
  • Conducting scholarly research on current writing center practices and
  • Demonstrating an adept ability to annotate, understand, synthesize, and present research (both in written, multimodal, and oral forms).
  • Social media optimization; monitoring all forms of media (including website); generating ideas for and/or executing online outreach and promotion using Facebook, Instagram, and
  • Contributing in public relations capacities both digitally and in the space via offering ideas on marketing and design/space
  • Shadowing/observing writing consultations in order to evaluate and assess the application of writing center practices and
  • Coordinating speaking engagements, appearances, photo shoots, and other special events, workshops, and/or
  • Using Adobe Creative Cloud to create materials/designs (Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign).
  • Usability

Students applying for this internship must have strong communication skills and demonstrate professionalism and the ability to take initiative and work independently. Students should be majoring in English, Mass Communications, Communication, Studio Arts, Art History, Graphic Design, or other similar majors. Interns should be proficient in Microsoft and Adobe products as well as maintain an understanding of social media coordinating. Interns will also be expected to gain familiarity with the Digital Media Commons.


Danielle M. Farrar
Assistant Director, Academic Success Center
The University of South Florida’s Writing Studio 
Office – LIB211
(813) 974-9720

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