USF Center for Leadership & Civic Engagement needs a graphic designer (paid)

Graphic Designer

Supervisor: Justin Fitzgerald, Assistant Director,

Compensation: This is a part-time position without benefits, paid at $10/hr for 18 to 20 hours a week.

Schedule: The weekly schedule can be set between the hours of 8am and 6pm, Monday through Friday. Preference for hours to be divided evenly between three to five days each week. Must work from the CLCE office, 3rd floor of Marshall Student Center at the University of South Florida.

Position: The CLCE Graphic Designer is a vital member of our close-knit office. The person in this position creates and updates graphics as needed to serve the needs of our six student boards and all office programs, events, and initiatives. Please learn more about the office by visiting

Project Work Flow: Design requests are submitted by staff and student leaders through an online form. This form is reviewed by the assistant director, then forwarded to the graphic designer and given a priority ranking within the current list of projects. Each project has a deadline for first draft. Once a first draft is created, the designer sends it back to the assistant director to obtain feedback from the person who made the request. A second draft is created with the feedback. Then, the assistant director obtains final approval from Communications & Marketing. Once final approval is obtained, the graphic designer creates the graphic in approximately 10 unique formats for use in both hardcopy and digital channels. This position is an excellent opportunity to learn the experience of a fulltime graphic design position – it is intended to help an individual learn and grow for future personal and professional goals.

Duties/Responsibilities • Work collaboratively with the Assistant Director to create and update graphics as needed • Learn and operate within the marketing guidelines of the university • Process many varying pieces of information and feedback to create design concepts that satisfy the needs of the request submitted and the marketing guidelines of the university • Manage many projects at once, each at different stages of development, feedback, and approval • Meet deadlines as needed • Must process feedback well Required Skills • Proficient in Adobe InDesign & Photoshop (proficient in all Adobe Creative Suite programs is preferred) • Ability to multitask and manage your workflow to meet deadlines • Attention to detail • Ability to format graphics in a variety of file types and formats as needed

Send resume and cover letter to Justin Fitzgerald, Assistant Director,


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