City Internships seeks applicants for U.S. and abroad

City Internships is seeking applicants for Summer 2017 in London, New York, Washington, D.C., and Los Angeles

Summer 2017 Global Explorer Program: Five Internship Opportunities

Each CI program centers around an internship placement with a leading
company in one of the following industries:

CI partners with leading companies in 12 cities and 9 industries
globally. A selection of newly released internship placements are
described below. In particular, we have opportunities for students
interested in Marketing, Advertising and PR, and Banking & Financial

1. Digital & Influencer Marketing Internship | New York

The original and largest digital influencer marketing and advertising
agency globally. This firm is excited to share its talent management,
origination and execution practices with bright, mature students with
an interest in the world of digital and celebrity influencer

2. Branding & Marketing Internship | Los Angeles

A leading branding agency that represents and forms strategic
partnerships between content creators, advertisers and fast-growing
technology companies is keen to share its expertise with creative and
entrepreneurially-minded students; whom it hopes to recruit as junior
executives in one of its global offices.

3. Marketing & PR in Fashion Internship | London & Los Angeles

This agency is responsible for 90% of what – and who – you see on
the red carpet. Representing high-end and boutique fashion houses and
some of the most notable movers and shakers across the arts and
entertainment, this firm is excited to help students interested both
the creative and commercial sides of fashion to learn the ropes in
their showroom and PR teams.

4. Marketing & PR Internship | Los Angeles & New York

A leading sports and entertainment public relations and marketing
firm is keen to help students get a taste for the fast-paced, dynamic
world of sports and entertainment PR. Their clients include DJ
Khaled, Serge Ibaka, Russell Westbrook and Travis Scott.

Interested students should apply via:

Deadline: May 14

CI also is seeking applicants for fall. See website.


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