Learn public policy in the Fall 2017 Legislative Internship Program


LIP Brochure


The USF Florida Institute of Government (FIOG) is seeking candidates for the Legislative Internship Program (LIP)  for Fall 2017.

This internship provides students with an opportunity to learn about the public policy issues facing Florida and to participate in the legislative process by interning in the offices of local, state, and federal elected officials.

LIP students work 9 hours per a week in the offices of federal, state, and local legislators or think tank/policy agencies. These offices are actively involved in Tampa Bay’s economic development, transportation, environmental protection, education, health, social welfare, and/or public finance. LIP students will be matched with an official or organization based on their interests. 

LIP students also participate in the LIP seminar to discuss their internship experiences, issues facing Tampa Bay, and the policy initiatives created to solve them. Students selected to participate in LIP will be awarded a $300 USF Alumni Association Scholarship.

DEADLINE: The application process is open until filled. 

Attached below is the LIP Brochure and Application. For more information and/or inquires please visit the USF School of Public Affairs website, http://spa.usf.edu/internships/public-policy/


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