Hope Foundation for Recovery seeks marketing interns

Hope Foundation for Recovery

The foundation will provide valuable work experience and expand the selected individual’s professional network.   The experience will create value by expanding knowledge, produce real work experience, build resume’ and/or their portfolio, expand the individual’s professional network and make a difference in their community.  The position will be compensated on a stipend for part time.


The objective of the Hope Foundation for Recovery  is to change the conversation regarding addiction, and provide the necessary resources and services to those who are unable to access treatment due to lack of resources and knowledge of available services.


Interns will be able to make immediate connections with the board members and committees members of the foundation who were executives of multibillion dollar companies.  Interns will communicate and work with individuals who’s accolades include VP of Marketing at GlaxoSmithKline, Contributors to numerous Media and Entertainment outlets, including The Huffington Post, Discovery, HBO, Inc. Magazine, CNN, Fox News and VP Merchandising Executive at HSN.  Interns will also make new connections for the foundation as well as further the mission and vision.


  • Assist with development of creative concepts and marketing strategies for promoting the work of the Foundation and securing donations from past and first-time donors.
  • Coordinate with graphic design intern to translate create concepts into print, online, and other collateral materials.
  • Develop content for promotional materials including direct mail pieces, print and electronic newsletters, web site and social media stories, medial releases, and other materials as needed.
  • Assist with copyediting for the various promotional materials defined above.
  • Assist in daily other daily operations.

Positions ideally will be for 15 weeks.

Please email for all inquiries:

Derek Wolford


Hope Foundation For Recovery

Email:  Derek@cleanrecoverycenters.com


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