Wellness USF seeks marketing assistant (paid)


Wellness Student Marketing and Content Strategist

Pay Rate: 9.50 per hour

Start Date:  January 2017

Job Description: 

Do you tweet, share, and post to social media in your sleep? Do you know what it takes to grow an online community? We’re looking for a student marketing and content assistant to support Wellness USF initiatives by implementing strategies and tactics that grow student followers, engage and retain them, and help them develop habits for student success and healthy lifestyles. The candidate should be interested in wellness education, marketing, advertising, social media and graphic design.


  • Work with wellness departments to create materials that create awareness of services that foster well-being and student success.
  • Manage a content/editorial calendar that includes blog posts, video, infographics, etc.
  • Research and create messages that college students relate to that support healthy choices and behaviors.
  • Assist in tracking, measuring, and analyzing all initiatives.
  • Build and manage the company’s social media profiles and presence, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and additional channels that may be deemed relevant.
  • Work alongside other marketers and content marketers to help distribute content that educates and entertains our audience and supports marketing goals.
  • Create graphic materials for social media posts.

   Minimum Qualifications: 

  • Graphic Design skills (InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator)
  • Self-starter with the ability to work collaboratively and independently.
  • Effective communication skills and strong social media knowledge (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, etc.).
  • Working knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite.

Preferred Qualifications

  • Junior or senior level marketing and communications student or similar major with experience or background in marketing and communication.


Average Number of Hours per Week: 15-20 hours per week

Schedule: Flexible

Standard Learning Objectives:

As a result of this position, student will be able to:

  • Demonstrate basic employability skills such as: timeliness to work, appropriate dress, interpersonal communication, and time management
  • Receive and solicit feedback from supervisor and effectively apply feedback on the job
  • Assess workplace and demonstrate how personal talents, skills, and knowledge fit into the employer’s goals, mission, and vision
  • Demonstrate his or her professional brand (identity)
  • Communicate transferable and functional skills to prospective employers

Please submit a resume and cover letter to Christine Haywood, marketing manager, Health and Wellness/Center for Student Well-Being at haywoodc@usf.edu.












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