Intern needed for product marketing study

Internship – Marketing Study on

We are a relatively new company called PTC-Profits to Charity. We sell private label dog supplements that we produce ourselves. We are using e-commerce websites to market and sell our product. Specifically, and Both sites have listings that allow for a creative description of the product and 6 to 8 pictures that include the ability to upload video. A unique feature of these sites is that potential buyers that seek out our product with money in hand. They buy our product or our competitors’ product based on pictures and subsequent listings. Our goal is to persuade them that ours is the best product for them to buy.


1. Find what single picture and price of our product will draw customers who are looking at the list of similar products to ours to draw them to our listing.

2. Once we have them on our listing, what words and pictures will persuade them to purchase our product?

3. Through statistical analysis, determine which ideas have the best conversion rates based on the available data.

Measurement of Success

These listing are totally within our control to revise. The sales volumes are high enough that we can get relatively quick feedback based on the changes we make. Direct feedback is achieved by watching both the click rate (How many times a customer clicks on our listing compared to the number of times it appears on the search page) and the conversion rate (how many customers that are on our listing purchase the product).

The Ideal Candidate

Candidates should

  • Bea Advertising or Marketing majors
  • Have completed most of the marketing/advertising-related classes
  • Possess some interest and basic skills in Adobe Creative Cloud, MS Publisher or related graphic and publishing software
  • Have an interest in learning about how to market products on

To apply, send cover letter and resume to Jeffrey Anderson at


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