Marketing Internship: TriMark

TriMark Strategic:  Foodservice Equipment, Supplies and Design, Tampa, FL 33634

 Company profile: 

TriMark is the country’s largest provider of equipment, supplies and design services to the foodservice industry.  TriMark Strategic, Tampa is one of 24 operating centers beneath the TriMark USA banner.  TriMark Strategic focuses our sales, marketing and fulfillment efforts within the state of Florida, southern South Carolina and Georgia, and portions of Alabama.

Marketing Intern:  Intern gains the opportunity to learn the unique go-to-market structure of the commercial foodservice industry.  Hands-on experience as key, Student Intern will perform assignments within the operational areas of the Tampa office, gaining observational and operative experiences in internal bid sales, contract sales, distributor sales, market research, project management and coordination, service and preventive maintenance, dispatch, issue resolution, installation, equipment start-ups, and a variety of manufacturer, manufacturing representative, and dealer representative interactions to provide a multi-perspective experience.

Learning Outcome:  USF students who complete this internship will be able to:

  1. Describe the multi-channel distribution, sales, operations, and marketing components within commercial foodservice equipment and supplies.
  2. Describe and demonstrate how business is conducted within the industry as it varies from contract work to bid work to route sales through distribution.
  3. Recommend the most productive use of Social Media for building inquiries from prospective customers.
  4. Design and conduct a market research project to qualify business prospects in major metropolitan areas in Florida (Tampa and/or Miami).

Paid or Unpaid Internship:  Paid @ U.S. Minimum Wage Standards

Weekly time commitment:  15 hours/week, 9-weeks minimum.

To apply, send current resume or curriculum vitae, and availability to:

Brett Beaty, Sales Manager

TriMark Strategic

5843 Barry Road

Tampa, FL 33634


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