Seeks Online Journalism and Social Media Marketing Interns is looking for students for our internship who are self-motivated and can truly develop their skills, while also being molded and learning the world of online journalism and social media marketing.
Since 1995, writers have told the news, relayed their opinions of songs, books, movies, plays and games as they would to a friend using the juiciest tidbits without being rude or inflammatory. That is how we’ve maintained our reputation as the longest running onlineentertainment magazine.
Our goal is for your internship experience to have it be give and take for both you and us. We want your creative input while we give you the knowledge to prepare you for entrance into the field of journalism.
Your articles will be your own personal portfolio. Everything you write goes under your writing profile that is searchable via Google, Bing, Yahoo and any other search engine.
You’ll work with the editorial team daily working out content assignments. Interns will undergo on-the-job training to provide a working knowledge of online publishing. This includes: multimedia publishing, writing engaging content for an online audience, optimizing text and headlines for search engines and publishing on the internet in a timely manner.
Our interns have moved on to major networks like MTV, VH1, CBS as well as daily newspapers, radio stations and PR agencies.

What we ask from you:

Interns should be able to produce timely, relevant and mistake-free content that fits the style of the website. They should have familiarity working in a CMS and not have a problem working with deadlines.

No travel required:’s writing internship is 100% online. Writers will work remotely from any location and need only a reliable internet connection. Meetings are held via Google Hangout.

The schedule:

You will make your own schedule for a 15 hour week, anytime 24/7 Monday-Sunday. In return we expect you to stick to the hours and notify us immediately if you need to change your schedule. Repeated absences will result in your dismissal from the program.

Fine print:

This in an UNPAID position that MUST be done for academic credit.

Ready to apply:

Fill out this application –


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