Rep. Charlie Crist’s campaign needs interns and digital ambassadors

Congressman Charlie Crist’s reelection campaign is seeking interns and digital ambassadors! If you’re one of our supporters and have social media or a college student looking for communications experience, this is the role for you. The best part? You can be a part of this historic election by joining from your computer screen! For interested interns, please email a resume and 3 references to Amina Spahic at For digital ambassadors, see the attached links and join our Tuesday zoom meetings at 6 pm!

Digital Ambassador Weekly Meeting (zoom) 

Sign up here:


Finesse Unique: Social media intern needed

*This position is being re-posted because it is still available

ISO Social Media Intern Magician

This position has the opportunity to lead to a PT or FT position after successful completion of internship depending on performance.

Magician Job Description:
The Finesse Unique Social Media Intern is responsible for planning social media calendars, creating social media posts, and assisting the social media team with brainstorming campaigns.

To be successful you must have excellent knowledge of various social media platforms. A dynamic Social Media Intern combines creative campaign ideas with analytical skills to create successful posts.

Social Media Intern Responsibilities:
Manage the social media calendar.
Brainstorm campaign ideas.
Post on various social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.
Analyze analytics to gauge the success of campaigns.

Social Media Intern Requirements:
Excellent knowledge of social media platforms.
Knowledge of analytical tools.
Creative mindset.
Ability to multitask.
Ability to work in a team.
Witty sense of humor.
Enjoys humorous content.

Pivots quickly when given constructive criticism.

Able to poke fun when appropriate and given approval.

Our main office is located in Tarpon Springs and we have a satellite office in Ybor City. This position can be remote; however, we would like to meet at least once a week to touch base and plan ahead.

Please email: 1. qualifying resume and a brief description of you, 2. Name your all-time favorite movie and why, 3. favorite ice cream flavor, 4. favorite book 5. a brief video explaining how you would be instrumental in increasing our social media presence and gaining visibility for our brand among clients and candidates at

McKay Advertising needs a content creation/strategy intern


Our diverse team here at MA+A is looking to bring on a Content Creation + Strategy Intern. At McKay Advertising + Activation we integrate advertising into revenue. We provide data and strategy-forward consulting for our clients, and we take a digital-first approach to daily challenges. We’re looking for a driven, ambitious individual who wants to create a career in content marketing and strategy. We’re offering a flexible schedule if you continue to take classes. We provide guidance and support, as well as the opportunity to experience the industry from the inside and gain valuable work experience.

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Research market trends and updates to make informed decisions on applicable content.
  •  Create personas, map a buyer’s journey and insert applicable content.
  • Create, strategize and create written content for website blogs and whitepapers.
  • Create copy for Google Ads (SEM & Display) when necessary
  • Accurately tell a story that is both engaging and informative.
  • Take over content creation for company social media accounts
  • Perform any additional duties that may fall within the scope of the internship.


  • Enrollment in a Bachelor’s degree program
  • Story-telling skills
  • Ability to multi-task and take initiative
  • Hardworking and dedicated outlooks
  • Time management skills
  • Ability to write both creative and research-based content

Contact:       813.810.4183

USF Athletics Communications Interns Needed

USF Athletics is looking for driven interns looking to get their start in the sports public relations and communications industry. An internship with us is one of the best ways to learn how to write, create content, and produce communications content for live events and sports in the college athletics industry.

The experience you’ll get from your time with us will set you up to be ahead in any communications courses you may take and more importantly, give you the skills you need to succeed upon graduation.

*Please note due to the ongoing pandemic, in-office hours are limited and in many cases eliminated. When working at events, all interns must be wearing masks and screened prior to entry. Physical distancing will be practiced at every event. Remote work via Teams will be required.

Here’s a brief FAQ on our department!

What is Athletic Communications?

We are the communications team of USF Athletics located in the Lee Roy Selmon Athletic Center. This includes writing press releases, creating social media content, creating statistical documents and historical information to produce the best content and information for media and fans.

What do you do?

· Assist with media relations and communications efforts at live sporting events at venues like Raymond James Stadium, the Yuengling Center, Corbett Stadium, and other USF Athletics Facilities.

· Create social media content such as graphics, posts, photos, stories and more.

· Write press releases including game previews and recaps, announcements, and release other pertinent information for our sporting programs.

· Take and provide statistical information for all sports.

· Provide access to athletic teams for media members to showcase our athletic programs in the media.

· Manage rosters, schedules, player bios, and all other communications efforts for USF Athletics.

· Manage all content on and all social media channels.

What software do you use to produce media materials?

All of our content is made using the Adobe suite installed on different workstations in our office or student computers. Students will get experience working in Photoshop, InDesign, and Microsoft software.

What do I do on game days?

Media relations! A lot goes into managing a game day, especially at Raymond James Stadium. Student interns will help manage media requests, media access and credentials, press conferences, statistical information, social media opportunities, and more. These duties vary from sport to sport, but communications experience will be gained at every sporting event, and different tasks can be assigned based on skills and experience.

What do I do in the office?

While game days are exciting, there’s a lot of work that can still be done outside of the arenas. This is where we brainstorm, write press releases, create content, manage, archive stats, research records, create graphics, create game programs, track athlete’s progress towards records or big numbers, and put the pieces together to tell the story of our teams.

I don’t know how to write or design, can I still become an intern?

YES. Learning is what an internship is about, right? We’ll teach you the fundamentals of writing and designing and with enough repetition, you’ll become a veteran.

What would my workload be as an intern?

We require about one game per week and one to three days in the office each week. We work with your class and work schedule to be flexible and ensure you’re not overloaded with events but enough to see you on a regular basis. The most important thing to know is there are plenty of weekend games over the course of a semester, and plenty of office hours where you can learn and improve your skills. Sports is a ton of fun to work but it’s not a 9 to 5 job! While we can be very flexible with scheduling, reliability and dependability are things we really value, so we can plan knowing you’ll be somewhere when scheduled.

Can I do social media for USF Athletics?

We evaluate intern’s aptitude for social media, knowledge of sports and successful social media strategies, trust level and understanding of USF Athletics values, and with supervision, you can assist with social media for sports. With time, you may manage your own sports and accounts.

I love sports stats, is this the right internship for me?

Yes! If you love to track numbers and chase records, you’ll fit right in here.

I hate sports stats, is this the right internship for me?

Yes! There are plenty of facets to this job that don’t include evaluating numbers, such as social media, press releases, hosting media, administrative duties, and more.

Do I need to know about sports?

Ideally yes, but all can be learned if you feel rusty or weak in this area. Reach out for a more specific answer.

Can I do this for credit?

Yes, we accept 1, 2, or 3-credit internships with mandatory hours depending on how many credits you choose. If you’re in the Zimmerman school, speak to Wendy Whitt for more information about the deadline to submit a form for credit. If you’re in another college, talk with your faculty advisor or academic advisor for more information about enrolling in class credit.

We’re happy to provide a professional environment for learning and hands on opportunities to get real experience and work within your class schedule to get the hours you need for class credit.

Darn, I’m reading this after the start of a semester and can’t do it for credit. Am I out of luck?

No! We accept volunteers in a different capacity for semester-long volunteerships, but require that you start in the first few weeks of the semester.

Can I do this for only one semester?

No, we highly encourage you to return semester over semester, either as a volunteer (slightly different experience) or for credit. It helps build a rapport between you and our team, we trust you with our gear, assign you bigger projects and above all, you get much better at the craft. We also hire paid positions in the spring semesters, with opportunities to run your own sporting events, work with your own team and coaches and manage social media accounts. Interning with us is a great way to prepare for that opportunity.

OK, this FAQ was decent but I have some follow up questions. Whom do I contact? Reach out to Lorie Garnett at and she’ll answer as many questions as you have, and get you started to join our team.

I’m interested and want to apply! What are the next steps?

Send an email with your resume in PDF form and a personal statement indicating why you are interested and what sets you apart, to Lorie Garnett and Dan Hamilton. Email addresses are and

USF Business for Good needs interns

Hello students!  Looking for a remote Spring 2021 internship? Are you an energetic, collaborative team member interested in helping businesses use their power as a force for good? The USF Business For Good Internship is launching NEXT SEMESTER (Spring 2021) and is looking for students to join the team! Interns in this program will work in teams and partner with businesses striving toward B Corporation certification – a seal of social and environmental responsibility for businesses. In a nutshell, B Corp Certification is to businesses as Fair Trade Certified is to coffee and USDA Organic is to apples. In this internship, students will help businesses complete the B Impact Assessment (BIA), a comprehensive impact reporting software that measures 5 spheres of a business’ impact: Governance, Workers, Customers, Environment, and Community.  The USF Business For Good Internship is: Remote, Spring 2021 Tailored to ALL MAJORS Open to undergrad and grad students Offered both for and not-for-credit Practical professional development Compensated through valuable business experience, trainings, + guest lectures For more information, please see the attached Fact Sheet. If you are interested, have questions, or would like the registration form, please email our Internship Coordinator, Bekah Vigil at Weekly Info Sessions are hosted to answer questions and give more information about the internship. RSVP to one of the following info sessions here. Mondays 11:30 am – 12 pm Tuesdays 6:30 pm – 7 pm Thursdays 10 am – 10:30 am Attached File Student Fact Sheet_ USF Business For Good Internship.pdf – 171 KB

Florida Holocaust Museum needs interns

The Florida Holocaust Museum is seeking several interns to work with us on our 2021 Yom HaShoah Commemoration program.

Scope of work will include:

Part I:

Two to three interns on Mondays, Tuesdays, and possibly some Wednesdays, beginning on January 25th from 9:45 am to 2:30 pm working at the Museum located in St. Petersburg. These are days that the Museum will not be open to the general public. This portion of the project will last for approximately 9-10 days, assuming 12 recordings are completed each day.

The interns will record individuals reading aloud from the first floor boxcar artifact the names of Jews murdered during the Holocaust. Each Reader will read from a list of 200 names. Each recording will take approximately 5 – 7 minutes. The Readers will be scheduled in 20 minute intervals to allow for social distancing. The FHM will provide a DLSR camera and all on-site equipment. Interns will also ensure successful transfer of daily recordings downloaded from the camera to project manager before leaving the Museum each day and preparing the memory card and camera for the next day’s recording schedule.

Interns with work with Museum staff and volunteers throughout the recording process.

Part II: (it is not necessary that these be the same interns as Part I or III)

We are also seeking two (2) to three (3) recording/video editors to assist with the editing of the Yom HaShoah readings as described above. We will have a total of 108 recordings that will need to be edited at the beginning and ending of each. The name of the reader, their title and affiliation will be added to the video. The interns will all use the same graphic font, size, color and configuration so that all completed videos are uniform. This can be done remotely using the intern’s own editing equipment and file sharing using One Drive.

Part III: (it is not necessary that these be the same interns as Part I or II)

At the completion of all recordings, we also will need an intern to prepare two (2), 4-hour videos based upon the above that will be streamed from our Facebook social media page on Yom HaShoah April 8, 2021. Significant attention to detail must be paid to the sound quality to ensure uniformity from the individual recordings.

Completion dates are as follows:

  1. All live recordings will be completed by: February 23, 2021
  2. All edits will be completed by: March 12, 2021
  3. Two 4-hour videos will be completed and ready for review no later than: March 19, 2021

The FHM is adhering to the attached COVID-19 Mitigation and Contingency Plan. All staff, volunteers, interns and visitors are required to wear face masks as all times while inside the building.

Interested parties please reply to:

WSLR (radio) Internship

Broadcast News Internship

ELIGIBILITY: Must be a current student pursuing an undergraduate or graduate degree.  No previous radio experience required.

This internship can be remote, although students that are able to be in Sarasota/Manatee County for occasional live coverage of community events would be preferred. 

ABOUT THE INTERNSHIP: As a WSLR news intern, you will assist the news producer with all aspects of news gathering and producing weekday newscasts and daily news briefs that air on WSLR. You will have the opportunity to learn sound gathering techniques, the editorial process involved in packaging stories and interviews, and basic audio editing. You will research potential stories, arrange and conduct interviews, and write and produce stories for our local newscast. Responsibilities will include: assisting in the conception and development of program segments, digitally editing segments and on-air promos, helping to promote and distribute content through our website and social media platforms.

PREFERRED EXPERIENCE: Candidate should have a strong interest in public radio journalism and possess excellent writing, research, communication, and organizational skills. Must be punctual, professional, familiar with basic computer applications, able to prioritize and see projects through to completion, and have demonstrated initiative and ability to work independently. Candidate should also express interest in news and current events. Some previous editing/reporting/producing experience is preferred.


* Must have excellent research skills. As a progressive media outlet, our mission is to interview and tap into the expertise of people who span the political and social spectrum, not just the conventional “experts” or “officials”. The qualified intern is responsible for helping us identify who those lesser-known yet valuable people and community groups are.

* Ability to book and conduct interviews (in-person & phone interviews) and assist in script writing

* Qualified individuals should have a basic knowledge of how to use a microphone, recorder, and headphones. If the candidate does not have these general experiences, he/she must be willing to be trained

* Some knowledge of audio editing software a plus, but not required.

* Additional responsibilities include: transcription, audio editing, selecting soundbites/clips, participating in listening/critique sessions and attending meetings, as needed

* Some journalistic experience a plus (i.e. school or community radio, writing for school paper), but not required.

TO APPLY:  Please submit a cover letter explaining why you are interested in this internship, your resume, and a writing sample to Arlene Sweeting at  

Finesse Unique needs a social media intern

Social Media Intern Magician Wanted

This position has the opportunity to lead to a paid PT or FT position after successful completion of internship, depending on performance.

Finesse Unique is a small but mighty advertising and marketing agency specializing in Digital Marketing, Sponsorship Marketing, Brand Story Telling, and Digital & Print Publications. We are authorized and licensed by ESL Gaming and currently working on producing a digital and print publication to commemorate their 20th anniversary coming out on Cyber Monday (November 20th, 2020.) ESL Gaming is the largest governing body globally for eSPORTS. This publication will take a deep dive into their history from early LAN cafes and dial-up connections to what eSPORTS and gaming will look like five years from now.

In conjunction with the ESL Gaming project, we sell sponsorship opportunities for a handful of NASCAR drivers and deliver top-notch Corporate & Entertainment Hospitality.

Check us out here:

Check out ESL Gaming and eSPORTS here:

Magician Job Description:

Social Media Intern Magician is responsible for planning social media calendars, creating social media posts, and assisting the social media team with brainstorming campaigns. We want this individual to showcase who we are, what we do, and, most importantly, help create awesome content. This content should vary by platform and will be shared across all social media platforms, e.g., Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Alignable, and gain new followers. We want valuable content that connects and creates engagement with followers!

To be successful, you must have excellent knowledge of various social media platforms. A dynamic Social Media Intern combines creative campaign ideas with analytical skills to create successful posts.

Social Media Intern Responsibilities:
Manage the social media calendar.
Brainstorm campaign ideas.
Post on various social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Alignable.
Analyze analytics to gauge the success of campaigns.

Social Media Intern Requirements:
Excellent knowledge of social media platforms.
Knowledge of analytical tools.
Creative mindset.
Ability to multitask.
Ability to work in a team.
Witty sense of humor.
Enjoys humorous content.

Our main office is located in Tarpon Springs, and we have a satellite office in Ybor City. This position can be remote; however, we would like to meet at least once a week to check-in and plan.

Please email 1. qualifying resume and a brief description of you, including how you would be instrumental in increasing our social media presence and gaining visibility 2. Name your all-time favorite movie 3. favorite ice cream flavor to

Dow Jones News Fund Accepting Applications for 2021 Summer Internships

PRINCETON, N.J. (Sept. 22, 2020) – The Dow Jones News Fundinvites college juniors, seniors and graduate students to apply forpaid summer 2021 internships in data journalism, digital media, business reporting and multiplatform editing. The application deadline is Nov. 9.   The News Fund will select up to 80 college journalists for internships with news organizations across the country. Those selected will also benefit from week-long, pre-internship training, $1,500 scholarships, memberships to journalism groups and access to the DJNF alumni network for jobs and mentoring.   To be considered, students must apply by Nov. 9, and take a timed, online qualifying test. Due to the disruption caused by the pandemic, college faculty will not monitor tests this year but will still play an important role in promoting these opportunities to students. (Learn more)   Students can apply to any or all of the following programs:   Data Journalism: Those who love logic and numbers with an appetite for investigative journalism, are encouraged to apply for this program led by Investigative Reporters and Editors. The training covers how to make Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests, learning computer-assisted reporting, analyzing and cleaning data in order to tell rich, often hidden, stories. Interns are placed at well-respected newspapers, digital publications and nonprofit news sites. Digital Media: Interns will build their professional portfolios at newspapers, news websites or TV or radio stations. Pre-internship training equips interns to stay ahead in a rapidly evolving media ecosystem, including tips and tools for working with video, audio, data visualization, web analytics, social media and more. Business Reporting: Strong reporters and writers with an eagerness to dive into an exciting beat should apply for the business reporting program. Interns spend a week drilling-down on finance, investing, labor issues and mergers and acquisitions before beginning work for daily newspapers, niche publications, newswires, industry publications and American City Business Journals newsweeklies. Multiplatform Editing: Students who are passionate about accuracy, fact-checking, grammar and spelling should apply for the multiplatform editing program. During training, interns hone their visual design, headline writing and line editing skills; help publish high-quality print and digital products on deadline; and strengthen their news judgment before working for newspapers, digital publications and nonprofit news sites.   The News Fund is partnering with American City Business Journals for a seventh summer to recruit and train 10 business reporting interns. The goal is to identify students who already live or go to school in one of ACBJ’s 44 markets, to increase the potential for employment after the internship ends.   DJNF interns trained and worked remotely in 2020. The News Fund has not determined if the 2021 training programs and internships will be remote, in-person or a mix. We will consult with our media partners, residency directors and follow guidance of state and local authorities. If the pre-internship trainings are in-person the News Fund will pay for interns’ travel, housing and meals. Interns are responsible for their housing and transportation costs during their internships. Students who return to school or have federal loans will receive $1,500 college scholarships.   College juniors, seniors and graduates enrolled full-time on Nov. 9 are eligible to apply, including December graduates. U.S. students studying abroad and international students already in the U.S. with work visas are also eligible.   To apply, students should visit the programs page on the News Fund’s website. After applying, students will receive an email from HireVue with the link to the timed, online test to be completed within 72 hours. Students can prepare for the test by taking practice tests found here.